The Last Song of the Troubadours
Poetry and Music in the Crown of Aragon (14th and 15th centuries)



The Last Song of the Troubadours: Linguistic Codification and Construction of a Literary Canon in the Crown of Aragon (14th-15th centuries) is a project funded by a European Research Council Independent Starting Grant (FP7 2009-2013-241070), based at the University of Barcelona (Department of Catalan Philology – IRCVM) and carried out with the collaboration of researchers from various institutions. The project has three main research areas: 

  1. Edition and study of a corpus of Occitan and Catalan poetry from the chansonnier Vega-Aguiló (Biblioteca de Catalunya, mss. 7-8 [VeAg]) and other older witnesses, including troubadour fragments from Siena (Archivio di Stato, C. 60 [s]), Madrid (Real Academia de la Historia, 9-24-6/4579 [Mh]) and a manuscript with musical notation from Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Biblioteca de Catalunya, ms. 3871);

  2. Edition and study of two important works on the grammar of poetics: Leys d’Amors and Doctrina d’Acort

  3. Analysis of the influence exerted by French and Occitan poetry on late medieval Catalan literature, including: 3.1) Edition of the anonymous Roman de Cardenois; 3.2) Edition of a Diplomatari collecting notices on minstrels, jongleurs, musical instruments and poetic manuscripts attested at the Arxiu de la Corona d’Aragó (13th-15th centuries).

Courtly poetry and patronage in the Crown of Aragon, manuscript production, textual criticism, musicology, evolution of literary genres, are some of the issues involved in the research.

  • European Research Council
  • Universitat de Barcelona